Where Can I Go Off-Roading in the UK, Legally?
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There is plenty of green space in the British Isles. However, this is not necessarily where you should be leaving muddy tyre tracks. While the guy who’s done it ‘loads of times and never got caught’ may claim it is ok, it really isn’t and it is illegal.

But fear not off-roaders, we have pulled together a comprehensive list of off-roading locations within these green and pleasant lands. They’ll happily welcome you and your beloved Land Rover Defender, so what are you waiting for? Read on and take your pick.

True Grip
You’ll be helped by nutty professional drivers, we mean instructors, around the 4x4 adventurous range. The track is complete with a wide variety of obstacles and can be customised to meet your driving experiences and also your vehicle capabilities.

The course was carefully designed to incorporate all the things that true off-roading junkies love. Right through from soggy river banks to slippery climbs, it’s all available in abundance.

If this location takes your fancy, go and get those tyres muddied up.

White Cliff 4x4
Situated a few miles from the Forest of Dean, this course offers safety with an edge. The course has been carefully orchestrated to include a vast catalogue of terrains to put your driving skills to the test.

Unlike some courses throughout the UK, this rough and ready route includes cross-axle situations, murky water, slimy mud and steep declines and inclines. We know you can’t deny the temptation!

Wild Tracks
Based in Suffolk, this extremely popular off-road circuit has everything you could want from an off-road experience. Super steep inclines and declines, almost bottomless mud and sandy soil, this route offers a true off-the-beaten-track experience - no pun intended.

At a great rate of £30 per day, with the first tow free, there is a reason this Suffolk treasure is a favourite!

Who knew that the guys at Silverstone didn’t just cater for F1 drivers! Well, if you weren’t aware, they have an incredible course that offers a gruelling amount of gradients, huge drops, large water dips and sections that require your driving to be at its ultimate best.

This track truly puts your skills to the test, certainly not one for the faint-hearted driver!

Ultra Adventure Driving
These guys have off-road courses throughout England and Wales! They’re experts in bringing more mud than a British winter can; with waterways, rocky routes and climbs that will guarantee you a drive to remember!

Fear not, they cater for a wide range of vehicles and driving capabilities, tailoring the day to your needs.

So if these tracks have caught your fancy, take a look at the accessories for your Land Rover Defender to make sure you’re ripe and ready!