What Qualities Do You Look For in a Car?
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Not many people are aware of the full benefits of having a bigger car, such as a 4x4, compared to the range of smaller vehicles out there. This article looks at the highlights and biggest advantages of owning the bigger beast that is the 4x4, such as the Land Rover Defender and the Jeep Wrangler.

All about performance and pushing your vehicle to its limits? If it’s advertised as being able to withstand gruelling conditions and severe hot and cold temperatures, you want to put that to the test right? A 4x4 is better equipped to perform off road, and in severe weather conditions as it has enhanced traction control.

Seasonal Desirability
A lot of people tend to opt for convertibles in the summer, and although aesthetically and emotionally pleasing, is a convertible really the most practical vehicle during our typically British seasons? A 4x4, on the other hand, gives the versatility for summer and winter on and off-roading experiences. Face it, that convertible is going to be a little chilly, and potentially unreliable when it’s -5 and snowing outside…

Spaced Out
Space is a big factor that a lot of people look at when deciding on a car. Smaller cars, hatchbacks and convertibles have little to no boot space, whereas a 4x4 has bigger boot space along with ‘people’ space! Great for those with families, and great for fitting all the additional luggage that comes with having one!

More reliable than most cars, a 4x4 is more likely to get you through the storm than a small compact car. Consistently dependable; whatever the weather or road condition. You are also less likely to be crushed if your 4x4 is involved in an accident in comparison to a smaller vehicle, as there is more metal surrounding you. Giving you better control of the car adds to this benefit too.

Whether you’re a 4x4 fanatic, like us here at Chelsea Truck Company, or a potential convert, give us a call or have a look at our website to explore the endless opportunities available on the path to owning your dream 4x4.