Top Three Roads in the UK
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The UK is teeming with pleasant rolls of countryside and stunning views, making it all the more difficult to decide on one set location to visit. From Wales to Scotland, every location offers something special which makes it unique and desirable.

So, what can you do? Well, instead of choosing the wrong location for your vehicle or family’s wants and needs, why not set off on a road trip?
Road trips are brilliant as they allow you to visit all of your favourite stops without having to return home in-between locations.

Part of what makes a road trip successful though is finding roads that are suitable for your vehicle. In the case of a Land Rover Defender, the vehicle is brilliant for all sorts of terrain, which is why we will use this model as an example for our article.
So, if you’re struggling for ideas on what roads you could travel on during your road trip, see our suggestions below.

Black Mountain Pass
Our first road to deserve a spot in the top three is the Black Mountain Pass. Running through Wales, this path consists of a beautiful array of natural scenery, making it perfect for passengers who love to admire wooded backdrops and mountainous terrain.

Whilst this road is lovely though, remember to keep an eye out for any sheep that may have wandered off from their flock.

The Snake Pass
If you catch this road on a clear day, the views are unparalleled. Surrounded by patches of lush green countryside, as well as a lake, this road is in none other than the Peak District.

Though it normally closes during snowy or extremely bad weather, it is just the thing for a lovely drive during the spring or when the weather shows signs of warming up.

The Cheddar Gorge
Encased by cliff faces and consisting of lots of twists and turns, this road stops off at Cheddar Gorge on the way through, which is perfect for those who wish to visit its renowned cheese store. Once you pass through though, you are exposed to a striking scene, with a wooded landscape on either side.

The road slowly becomes less challenging throughout the journey, allowing you to pop your cool head on and just enjoy the ride.

These are just a couple of ideas for which roads to incorporate into your road trip. Do you have any more suggestions for our readers?

As mentioned, road trips are a great experience and offer a chance to take in the beautiful landscapes the UK offers.

So, whether you want to embark on a day trip in your used Land Rover Defender, or a have weekend away with the family, remember these three roads and the exceptional scenery they offer.