Special Editions

Introducing the Flying Huntsman

The Flying Huntsman is available in 2 styles; The 105 Long Nose and the Pickup 6x6.

The Flying Huntsman 105 Long Nose
This is the superlative expression of the Land Rover Defender - tougher, faster and more recognisable than any of its contemporaries. True to the Defender's British heritage, the Flying Huntsman has been designed and prototyped in Kahn's Bradford headquarters, and will be produced entirely in the UK.

The redesigned silhouette, coupled with Afzal Kahn's renowned styling ensures a one of a kind vehicle which is as iconic as the original, but makes a more definite and lasting statement.

The new Defender has an extra 400mm of bodywork inserted into the elongated nose cone, just ahead of the windscreen, hence the 105 designation, referring to the longer wheelbase. With a powerful 6.2-litre General Motors LS3 V8 generating an estimated 550bhp, the explosive performance of the Flying Huntsman is a far cry from the stolid pulling power of the original Defender. Built to tame even the hardiest terrain, this modern British icon is equally comfortable outrunning any road going 4x4.

Huntsman 105 Long Nose 6.2 Petrol
from £ 149,995
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Huntsman 105 Long Nose 2.2 TDCI Pickup
from £ 39,995
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Huntsman 105 Long Nose 2.2 TDCI
from £ 79,999
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The Flying Huntsman 6x6 Pickup
Afzal Kahn and his team have spent thousands of hours of research and development involving a team of over 40 expert automotive designers, engineers and craftsmen, to create a vehicle that celebrates the history and unique personality of the Defender.

A fitting tribute to one of the world’s best loved vehicles, the coach built Flying Huntsman 110 6x6 Double Cab Pickup made its international debut at the 2016 Geneva Motor Show.

Around 880mm longer than a normal Defender and 150mm wider, the Flying Huntsman 110 6X6 is adorned with a full range of mechanical & styling upgrades that gives the vehicle a striking appearance and improved performance.
Huntsman 6x6 2.2 TDCI Double Cab Pickup
from £ 249,995
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