The Mercedes-Benz G Class

Used Mercedes-Benz G Class by the Chelsea Truck Company

The Mercedes-Benz G Class

So you have purchased your Mercedes-Benz G Wagon? The good news is you have completed the hard part.

Now simply sit down with one of our team of designers who will be happy to guide you through our range of interior and exterior options and allow you to transform your vehicle into a luxurious icon.

Visually, it is simply unmistakable, one will find a Chelsea Truck Company Mercedes G-Wagon emphasises the iconic style of the vehicle by maintaining the classic look of the original.

A brand new utilitarian and aggressive looking 8 piece wide track arch kit which consists of 4 arches, 2 front arch extensions and 2 door pods gives the vehicle a fashionable stance.

Please note our range of parts and components are also available separately and can be manually fitted for your peace of mind.

Visually, the leather interior is simply unmistakable, our skilled team of craftspeople can hand stitch a range of key elements including seats, dashboard, centre console and door panels using different materials and fabrics that cover almost every inch of the interior space.

The result is a truly outstanding and highly energising look for a Mercedes-G Wagon like no other.

Our collection also comprises the following categories:

New G6 Lightweight Wheels
Our range of lightweight 22” G6 wheels for the Mercedes-Benz G-Wagon, AMG, ML and Maybach are designed to accommodate original centre caps and are available in Shadow Chrome or Piano Black with a Diamond outer.

Leather Interiors
We provide a plethora of front and rear sports seats in hand stitched quilted and perforated leather, in a wide range of colours and fabrics.

Exterior Components
Rear Roof Wing, Side Exhaust (Only for Non AMG Models) and New Grille with DRLs are just some of the upgrades on offer. We can also provide a Tuning Box as part of the power upgrade.