Land Rover Defender Production Continues!
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Despite Land Rover previously announcing a December 2015 cut-off date for production of the 4x4 classic, the Land Rover Defender, an influx of orders means manufacturing will continue into 2016, according to Birmingham Post.

Though a final date in 2016 hasn’t yet been released, a company insider has provided some insight, saying that production will continue until, at the very least, February.

The employee stated: “It is going to be extended until at least the end of February.”

“We have had a glut of orders and are going on until then. Although I’ve been told that February is the definite cut-off date, someone else has said it could possibly go on until April.”

Amazingly, because of the high demand for this vehicle, manufacture is being carried out with as many as 450 employees in a daily shift.

“The shift is still running normally and as always, it is only days as well” the worker continued.

After the announcement that 2015 would be the last year for the Defender, it is said that production grew as much as 50% in order to accommodate the demand for this classic.

While a single shift is known to produce, on average, roughly 84 vehicles, this has spiked significantly. In 2014 alone, 17,781 models were created, but expectations for this year’s orders are likely to blow this figure out of the water.

Unfortunately, there is a possibility the vehicles may not be produced in the brand’s hometown, due to tight regulations challenging the classic’s specifications.

Still, on a positive note, over the years, this model has received a long list of admirers including some familiar famous faces such as the Queen, Marilyn Monroe and Winston Churchill.

There are also many editions that have been released, all catering to an increasing fan base, including the Autobiography Edition (ideal for those who favour luxury) and Adventure Edition (for those who love the Defender’s can-do personality).

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