Land Rover Defender Accessories
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So, you’ve just bought the ultimate off-road vehicle, for those days where you just need to escape and enjoy a bit of a thrill on the UK’s best tracks. What about for trips that don’t sway from the highway though; is there anything available to ensure optimal efficiency on long-distance journeys?. . . Of course!

As one of the world’s favourite models, the Land Rover Defender comes with many, many handy accessories, catering for all sorts of lifestyles and trips. To see just a few, read on.

Roof Rack
If you’re planning a long journey, or even a short one that requires the utmost stability for your belongings, roof racks are a top choice. Not only will they secure your possessions though, but they are also fantastic for maximising storage, meaning the kids don’t have to sit squashed in the back; instead, they can enjoy comfort as you tour the UK’s best roads.

Roof racks are entirely versatile, which means it doesn’t matter whether you’re a bit of an extreme sports nut or you want more room for light luggage; you can be sure that your possessions will remain safe and sound.

Added Security
Although a roof rack does offer a secure place to stash your belongings, it doesn’t, of course, offer protection for the vehicle itself. Land Rover Defender accessories like headlamp protectors, lamp guards and rear LED lamps are all designed to offer that little more safety. Whilst the former two specifically guard the vehicle, the latter is just what you need for increased visibility on the road.

If it isn’t enhanced storage capacity and security you’re looking for, you may be after some accessories that add to the Land Rover Defender’s aesthetics. Here, things like seat covers, mats (for cleanliness, as well as appearance) and gear lever gaiters are ideal.

So, with these accessories in mind, how will you smarten up your Land Rover Defender?