Iconic Cars of the UK
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It's true that every slice of the UK has its own iconic vehicles. Though some are overlooked, others have become a hallmark feature of these destinations, thanks to their ability, place in the motor industry and even their appearance.

But what cars do we associate with which locations? And, more importantly, what are the defining features of these vehicles? Well, let's find out!

Read on to see the iconic cars of two of the UK's hottest spots; London and Cornwall, and feel free to share your thoughts below!

As a capital, London is at the heart of much of the UK's social and commuting buzz. In terms of transport, Kings Cross is renowned for its inner city links and connectivity to those further afield. However, for road users, the story isn't often considered so pleasant and getting around London via car is just shy of a nightmare.

Nonetheless, hundreds, if not thousands, of people use London as a central point for their journeys every day, which makes us wonder, what is the iconic car of London? Well, aside from the flashy models you see, the more practical side of motoring tends to lean towards Land Rover Defenders. Used or new, these vehicles are phenomenal when it comes to rougher terrain. However; this does not dismiss inner city roads entirely, as they are equally capable of getting road users from A to B efficiently.

Hailed as the UK's surfing destination, it would seem only fitting that Cornwall has its own iconic car, in the form of a Jeep. Yes, that's right; a Jeep. Not only does this vehicle stir images of hot summer days and group road trips to the beach, like the Land Rover, they are also fantastic when it comes to travelling on smooth roads. On the other hand, they are equally capable of handling roads that aren't as kind too.

So, if you're looking for a practical yet visually appealing vehicle that can get you from A to B on almost any type of road, these iconic cars of London and Cornwall are a top choice. We here at Chelsea Truck Company supply and even customise both Land Rover Defenders and Jeep Wranglers, to meet your exact needs as a road user.

Feel free to get in touch today to find out more about what we can offer or see our blog for more news and information.