Dashboard Cams for Jeeps
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There was a time when dashboard cameras were used specifically in police cars and other law enforcement vehicles.

Things are much different nowadays.

Today, dashboard cameras are one of the most widely used security features, particularly for high-end sports utility vehicles and trucks like our used Land Rovers and Jeeps. Aside from car owners, companies specialising in different industries have also picked up on this technology.

In this post, we will keep the focus on dashboard cameras for Jeep and Land Rover users, highlighting why getting one would be a good investment for your vehicle. The idea is to offer a great customisation option that not only makes your vehicle safer, but also looks good as well.

A dashboard camera, or a dash cam as it is mostly referred to, is exactly what the name implies; a camera mounted on a vehicle’s dashboard.

There are different variations of it. Some are mounted on the dashboard in the middle, while other models can be installed in the middle of the windshield itself, using a suction cup mount. They can even be built right into a replacement rear mirror for your vehicle, which allows the dash cam to record the road in front, as well as the road behind, as the vehicle is driving.

Why Dash Cams for Jeeps?
Car owners use them primarily as an added security measure. Having a camera that records all the movements of a vehicle provides numerous benefits. For one, it keeps the car safe from troublemakers because dash cams are clearly visible to everyone, so anyone even thinking about a break-in will know that they will be recorded; a great deterrent.

These cameras are different to your average smartphone cameras. Most dash cams are full 1080p capable cameras that come loaded with advanced video recording features such as night vision and auto-flash, etc. They also come with multiple configurations, such as a single lens or multiple lenses, which allows for front and rear recording. They are somewhat larger in size though, so larger windshields like those of a Jeep or Land Rover works rather well for them.

Despite all these benefits, dash cams truly shine when something goes wrong, such as a traffic accident. Video evidence comes in extremely handy in such situations. It can absolve the driver of any wrongdoing, saving them thousands in repair costs. Not having any proof can go against you, leading to severe penalties and a hike in insurance costs. If you are a victim of a hit and run, the dash cam can even provide police with details of the hit and run vehicle, such as its license plate.

Protect yourself as well as your Jeep by using dash cams. Security has always been a top priority, not just for auto manufacturers, but for car owners as well. They are not that expensive to begin with and even so, the investment is sound; one that pays for itself over time.

Description: This post talks about dash cams and why car owners should get them