View From The Press: This Kahn-Customised Jeep Wrangler Does Off-Roading In Style

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published on 7th April 2015 by Steve Whitaker
Rob Lewis of Ask Men UK was entrusted with the keys to a two-door, Chelsea Truck Company Black Hawk Edition and rolled down the King’s Road, imbued with a beguiling sense of dapperness quite at odds with anything he has felt before.

British engineering and automotive fashion house Kahn Design stole many headlines at the 85th Geneva Motor Show earlier this month with their leftfield Land Rover Defender concept — the long-nosed, 6-wheeled, 550hp, V8 Flying Huntsman.

But while some of the Swiss show’s most wealthy guests were falling over themselves to bag-up Bradford’s £250k monster, it was, after all, just a concept. At least for now…they say.

So until that 6x6 day comes, we’ll all just have to be content with a 4x4 for a little while longer — so you could take your pick from the rest of Kahn Design’s all-black Geneva Motor Show display, which more than adequately rocked… And for considerably less cash too.

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