Travelling Around Europe With The Kahn Defender Chelsea Wide Track Model

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published on 22nd September 2015 by Steve Whitaker
Model maker Herman Nijhof has been travelling throughout Europe with his Kahn Defender Wide Track models.

Herman’s Huntsman 105, Keswick Green Pick Up and Defender 90 models have been photographed in some of the most scenic and remote locations in France, Germany and Holland.

The Defender 90 Wide Track Model is a favourite amongst many, the stunning white exterior along with side and bonnet vents make quite an impression, especially when the wide front and rear wide wings come into play.

Look carefully towards the front and you will find a few small LED lights which can switch on and off via the radio controller. The head, fog and city lights are also connected, making quite an impression.

Inside, a range of bespoke paraphernalia in the form of a dashboard, speedo, rev clock, seats, radio console and exquisite detailing showcases the amount of intricacy involved in creating such a unique interior.

If you come across Herman and his Kahn Defender models, do feel free to take some images and connect with us via our official Facebook, Twitter and Instagram channels.