Serious Attraction

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published on 15th May 2014 by Steve Whitaker

A. Kahn Design has developed a strong passion for Jeep Wranglers, in the form of the Chelsea Truck CJ300 Expedition Vehicle.

It all begins with volcanic satin livery that brings the following question on the lips of discerning owners: is this vehicle an off road military vehicle or an urban style icon?

Given that the Jeep Wrangler 2.8 Diesel Chelsea Truck Company CJ300 is celebrated for its fierce ruggedness, it will come as no surprise that discerning customers have developed a serious attraction to a vehicle more often than not, viewed as a style icon, on the open road.

The “fashion icon” image is further enhanced by the addition of privacy glass, front and rear lights and side indicators, front grille, brake callipers finished in liquid gold and 7.5 x 17” 1941 wheels in satin black

As for the interior, this was gifted with a quilted and perforated black leather finish for the front and rear seats, red dials, as well as armrests and a centre glovebox re-upholstered in quilted and perforated leather.

As always, Kahn design offers exclusivity without disbanding the fundamental nature of the product. The personal touches added to the Kahn Jeep Wrangler 2.8 Diesel CJ 300, make for a rather desirable vehicle, albeit with a ‘hybrid’ identity which loyal Jeep off-roaders and fashion conscious individuals subscribe to.