See the Chelsea Wide Track Defender Model in action

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published on 6th July 2015 by Steve Whitaker
The Chelsea Truck Company Defender Wide Track is very popular amongst model makers.

Alexey Savchenko spent a year building a CTC Defender and the Moscow native is back with another model, this time in a desert setting.

Kahn News caught up with Alexey to find out more.

Q. What inspired you to place the Kahn Defender in a desert setting?

A. When I came across this setting I realised that it could be a nice video, especially if slow motion setting would be used. It is easier to discern every detail of a car.

A powerful motor, low centre of gravity and a little luck helped us to pull this off.

Q. Have you received a good response so far?

A. Many people like this video and it is especially pleasant that it is appreciated by Kahn Design.

Q. How long did it take you to make the models?

A. As for this video, there is only one my model that is used. It is Kahn Defender the Defender 110 and 130 belong to friends.

Q. You must enjoy making these videos? Do you plan on making any more videos in a different setting?

A. I enjoy the process of making these videos and I always try to find interesting places and locations especially for Kahn Defender. I already have winter, spring and summer videos with it, and of course I plan to make more than one interesting video in future.

I really like all Defenders by Kahn Design. Each of them is unique and interesting.