New Sports GTB Seats By A. Kahn Design

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published on 18th November 2014 by Steve Whitaker
A Chelsea Truck Company Defender interior conveys a wonderful combination of quality and resplendent appeal, and now includes the new Sports GTB seats by A. Kahn Design, boasting a level of luxury not seen before.

Designed to create the optimum impression, one such example of visual excellence is the new Westminster Check Sports GTB seat, specifically designed in conjunction with a luxury fabric maker established the same year (1837) in which Queen Victoria succeeded the throne.

Specifically designed for the Kahn Defender in conjunction with acclaimed fabric artisans – Abraham Moon Ltd., we are talking about luxury personified.

Inspired by the traditional tailors of Great Britain, this traditional fabric is made out of pure lamb’s wool, a key fixture from the Boutique Collection, adding a dash of colour and modern checks to the interior seats.

The introduction of the Sports GTB seats is just the beginning of a new relationship with two more pure wool interior trims set to be featured on Kahn News in the coming weeks.

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