New 1941 Deep Dish Wheel

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published on 18th March 2015 by Steve Whitaker
The latest addition to the Chelsea Truck Company’s range of accessories is the Jeep 1941 Deep Dish wheel.

Designed to accommodate original centre caps (UK only), this luxury 7.5” x 17” concaved wheel is available in Satin Black and Volcanic Grey.

Why not showcase your driving skills as the Jeep 1941 Deep Dish wheels carry your CJ300 Jeep Wrangler across challenging rough and rocky off road terrain on a gripping journey.

Water splashes, grass, mud and ditches, the Jeep 1941 Deep Dish is in its element if off-roading is your preference.

Showcasing an inclination towards an improved driving experience, our collection of Jeep wheels also include the Jeep 1941 (8x16), Jeep 1986 (9 x 20) and Jeep 1988 wheels (8.5 x 20).

We can also advise you on the right set of wheels from our current collection, for whatever vehicle modifications you have.

In addition, we ship wheels worldwide, so why not take a look at our collection and reserve your set of wheels.

To ensure you receive a first class service, our wheel specialists are on hand to answer any enquires you may have.

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