Choose your own personalised Registration Number: EAR 77H

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published on 16th March 2015 by Steve Whitaker
At Kahn Design you can buy the perfect personalised number plate for every individual and occasion.

As a committed off roader, you probably think that personal registration plates don’t really hold any significance or use for you. Here at Kahn Design, we might just be able to surprise you and change your mind with this plate:


What better number plate to go on your Defender, Sport or Wrangler? Sporting this on your car will mark you out as someone who is serious about testing your machine to it’s limits. This will prove you’re not a member of the “spray-on mud” brigade (yes, those people really do exist!) or the sort of person who owns a 4WD, but would never even think of taking it off-road. It will verify that you are indeed someone who knows their bell housing from their coil over and can be called on for a snatch tow when needed.

People can buy an individual plate online from A. Kahn Design at any time, and there are 61 registrations currently available. Our collection holds some of the most sought after registrations in the world including F1, 4 HRH, 0077, 4 AK, 180 and many more.

You never know, with ‘EAR 77H up for just £3,333 and the likes of ‘S70 LED’ up for £1,250, and IIII T up for just £14,875 they could just be the bargain you are looking for.

At Kahn Design, we have many clients who have been satisfied with our no holds barred advice on which private number plates are likely to not only hold their value, but increase in the future.

We also discuss the merits of each registration mark, the positives and the negatives, in a positive and transparent manner and show you exactly how to minimize your risk.