4x4s on Farms
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4x4s are built to tackle all sorts of terrain, which is partly what makes them so ideal for life on a farm. Not only do they allow owners to travel across stretches of rolling countryside with relative ease, but they can also provide efficiency in different ways.

Today though, we will be taking a look at just two uses of 4x4s on farms; so read on to find out more about how this type of vehicle can help.

If you own horses, you will know the importance of ensuring optimal comfort and security when on the go… and this isn't just in terms of what horsebox you use. For efficiency on top of the two factors mentioned above, you will need to make sure you have the right vehicle for towing, to ensure the trip is both safe and successful. And 4x4s can help you do just that. Despite what distance you may be travelling, 4x4s can tow with fair ease, without putting too much strain on the vehicle itself.

Of course, the model of 4x4 you choose will ultimately depend on how much weight you tend to tow, so consider the weight of the horsebox and horses in equal measure. It's always good to be a little more flexible when it comes to opting for a 4x4 that can tow more weight, as this allows for farm growth and easy transport.

Restoration Work
Our second use of 4x4s on a farm is custodial work. As an owner, you will, of course, need to carry out work from time to time, whether that is to fix a slanting fence or restore an old stable. This means you will need a vehicle capable of carrying everything you need, from tools to materials, a fair distance, depending on the size of your farm. Again, 4x4s excel in such situations. Not only are they powerful and capable of overcoming tough terrains, but they offer ample space to store and transport everything you need in one, swift journey.

These are just two uses of 4x4s on farms. Of course, the list goes on, so feel free to share your thoughts and uses with us! Or, if you're interested in opting for a 4x4 that's a little more traditional, get in touch today to enquire about our used Land Rover Defenders and more. These vehicles are just as capable of accommodating farm life and will tackle rough terrain with relative ease.

So, browse our collection online or contact Chelsea Truck Company today to find out more about what our range of vehicles can do for you and your lifestyle.