The Chelsea Truck Company

The Kings Road, Chelsea
is synonymous the world over with cutting edge British style and high fashion. It was in this iconic environment that the Chelsea Truck Company, with its unique Land Rover Defender and Jeep Wrangler models, was forged in the creative crucible of the world’s most vibrant city.

The Chelsea Truck Company is dedicated to taking the best off road activity vehicles in the world and outlining a new vision to create an outstanding product that excels in any environment. Our Defender and Wrangler concepts are designed to redefine these iconic products to previously unimagined levels.

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Luxurious and cosseting whilst rugged and resolute, capable of taming the world’s most brutal and challenging landscapes yet equally at home in the sophisticated and urbane streets of fashion and culture. A Chelsea Truck can confidently blend in to any situation with style and purpose.

The Kahn Boutique sits on the opposite side of the Kings Road to the site of Malcolm McLaren’s famous 1970s boutique. It was here that the fashion explosion of punk reverberated around the globe. Chelsea Truck Company is equally committed to taking cutting edge British style and leading the world.

The Defender
is an iconic British vehicle designed to conquer the most demanding terrain the world can offer. The Chelsea Truck Company re-imagines this legendary off roader and adds a degree of luxury and style that enhances the concept to a new and exciting level.

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Retaining the beefy mechanicals that make the Defender the first choice for the world’s military, the Chelsea Truck Company adds a level of style and sophistication that elevates the Defender into an entirely new echelon. Customers from 18 to 80 aspire to own a Chelsea Truck Defender for every purpose from leisure and outdoor pursuits to Sunday boulevard cruising, attracting many an admiring glance along the way! Whether your passion is surfing, mountain biking, horse riding or rock climbing, we can build the perfect vehicle for your requirements.

With our Defenders tailored to an exact and individual specification, their exclusivity may fool you into thinking they are an expensive commodity. In reality the Chelsea Truck Defender is exceptional value for money and its rock solid residuals mean that it will retain its value superbly. With a choice of hand stitched leather interiors, purposeful wide arches, stunning wheels and incredible colour combinations, The Chelsea Truck Defender is equally at home in the challenging outdoors or cruising the streets and boulevards of the world’s most chic and fashionable cities.

From the snow capped slopes of Ben Nevis to the glamour and excitement of Royal Ascot, The Chelsea Truck Company Defender is not only a head turning style icon, but is also the ultimate vehicle to see and be seen in.

The Wrangler
is the latest incarnation of the symbolic Jeep brand. The Jeep is the original off roader, single-handedly inventing a concept that has been copied globally. Chelsea Truck Company takes that concept and revitalises it to create a stunning representation of style and purpose.

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Hewn from the rock of the great American outdoors, Chelsea Truck Company adds a unique British twist to this laid back mountain cruiser. Each Chelsea Truck Wrangler is built to the customer’s individual specifications and personalised to their exact requirements.

A choice of hand stitched leather interiors and unique colour combinations tailored to those rugged lines can be coupled with styling enhancements and stunning wheel choices that come together in wide-stanced, dramatic fashion.

This outstanding vehicle is designed to enjoy the outdoor terrain from which it was born, but at the same time is equally comfortable in the more refined setting of an avenue in Paris, London or Beverly Hills.

The Chelsea Truck Company Jeep Wrangler is the ultimate head turning expression of individuality.